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Phylebius Crade is a Wizard of the Collegiate Arcane and former High Thaumaturge of the city of Lethis in the Realm of Shyish. [1a]


Portraits show him as stern faced and favouring a white skullcap and robes, carrying his bone and gold staff of office. He is small in stature with piercing grey eyes.[1a]


He was noted to be a feared master of Amethyst magic and a dangerous man to meet who some even compared to Nagash himself. [1a]

In his lifetime he collected many artefacts from the Underworld of Stygxx having explored more of it than any other mortal of his time. He acquired a mirror which had belonged to the powerful Katophrane, Demius Mavos to study and hopefully extend his knowledge of the legendary city of Shadespire. However his research led him to become affected by the dread curse of the city, only holding it back with a soul-circuit powered by Chamonic echostones but now trapped in his mansion. [1a]

Fifty years after his supposed death, Shevanya Arclis was commissioned to lead a team to plunder his still well defended home. She and her companions, attacked by Nighthaunts, discovered him in the mirror of Mavos and he persuaded them to assist him in breaking the curse. However it became clear that his escape would be at the cost of the soul of the mage Dhowmer and perhaps her own, so Shevanya destroyed the circuit and left him to the Nighthaunts, Crade screaming that he would have revenge. [1a]


His mansion in Lethis was a fairly nondescript building in a Azyrite style with a great domed roof. The mansion was, even after his supposed death, protected by magic and his fearsome reputation, its hedges growing wild and the building becoming cloaked with vines and luminescent moss. The interior was furnished with outstanding and rare art by such masters as Ruthean. Murals and paintings depicted the forests of Tzlid and Deific Mons but the majority were portraits. [1a]

Artefacts from across Shyish and beyond decorated his home including a golden runseword, Grudgesettler - Grum Damaz in the language of the Duardin who had created it for a king of the Lantic Empire, Rhanuld Fireheart. There was also a unregarded dagger found in the tomb of a ruler of one of the Amethyst Princedoms called Death's ending that Shevanya would claim for her own. [1a]

Not long after Shev broke the soul-circuit, the mansion was destroyed. [1a]


A malediction brought about by my own arrogance. This prison in which you find me trapped, it is a vector for an ancient and terrible curse. In my folly I thought to break this dark enchantment, or even harness its power for my own ends. But as you can see, I failed.

~ Phylebius Crade.[1a]


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