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Free City of Lethis

Lethis, or the Raven City, is a City of Sigmar that was built on the shores of Lake Lethis within the underworld of Stygxx in the Realm of Shyish.[1][3a]

It is dominated by the Stormkeep of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer and was a critical strategic link for the forces of Order between the Realms of Azyr and Shyish. [3a]

From it one can see the Deific Mons as an immense silhouette.[2]


The region around Lake Lethis was controlled by a powerful Chaos warlord known as the Great Pretender who believed himself to be the reincarnation of Slaanesh. In the aftermath of the Realmgate Wars the Anvils of the Heldenhammer attacked the Chaos forces and defeated them in the Battle of the Screaming Shore. The Great Pretender and his forces retreated to fortresses in the southern lands of Bacchanalia. Upon this land the city of Lethis was founded and the Anvils built a Stormkeep in it.[4a]

Following the Necroquake, Nagash discovered the hidden stormvault and enraged, sent vast armies to break into and release the imprisoned entities and reclaim the artefacts within. Despite the formidable defence of the city which even saw the Celestant-Prime manifest to aid them, the city was stormed by the Nighthaunts under the command of the Mortarch Lady Olynder in what would be known as the Siege of Sorrow. They are aided by the Fyreslayers of the Greyfyrd Lodge who switch sides and open the Onyx gate due to unpaid debts owed by the city. The Midnight Tomb was then breached and a ancient and powerful being released to cause further massive death. [3a][4]


The city and Lake Lethis

Much of the city's defenses were designed and created by Lord-Ordinator Clavos Arthreus, consequently the city was very heavily defended with many Celestar Ballistas and other war machines, hexagrammatic walls together with raw Celestium running through complex sluiceworks. [3a]


The economy of the Free City of Lethis is centered on two main industries, the creation of Talismans of Morrda and the creation of peacewater. Of these two peacewater serves as the driving industry of the city, though the creation of talismans is the most prevalent.[7a]


The Free City of Lethis, like all Free Cities, is a staunch bastion of the Sigmarite faith. However, the people of the city also worship Morrda, a death god who the city's Raven Priests claim managed to escape and defy Nagash. Many sepulchres and shrines dedicated to Morrda are found all across the city, and Lethis's unique funeary rites and warding rituals are dedicated to this god.[7a]



  • Grand Necropolis: The Stormkeep of the Anvils, a forbidding tower that looms over the city. [3a]
  • Sephulchral Gardens[3a]
  • The Veil: Prime Realmgate of the city, leading to the Realm of Azyr or other places depending on the phases of the celestial bodies. [3a]
  • Silvermoon Tavern: A gloomy but finely furnished drinking establishment, black wood walls and furniture with many hanging charms and trinkets, all lit by whale tallow lamps. [4a]
  • Olair's Mount: A large hill that overlooks the city. The gatehouse sitting upon it leads to the infamous Black Pit gaol. A road extends from it all the way to the harbours.[6b]
  • Black Pit of Lethis: The Black Pit serves as the prison, or gaol, of the Raven City. It is a massive pit, that spirals down into the darkness. It is divided into circular levels, each containing cramped cells. The prison guards, also referred to as the gendarmerie, wear black smocks and leather masks.[6a] A stone pier hangs over the Pit, the carriage attached to this pier can be raised or lowered from one level of the prison to another, allowing the transport of guards and prisoners.[6b] The inner courtyard of the prison surrounds the pier and a heavily defended gatehouse serves as the main exit.[6b]
  • The Southern Gate: This impressive iron gatehouse is built into the city's perimeter wall. It is covered in sacred Azyrite script and rune wardings.[6b]
  • The Southern Tradeway: This road extends from the Southern Gate into a vast scrubland. It extends all the way to the bluffs and cliffs of the Dwindlesea. Traveling the length of the road on foot is considered dangerous, traveling on foot anywhere across Stygxx is foolish, and even travel on mounts can take several long days.[6b]



Tear open the vaults of Lethis and bring me what is mine. Let every mortal soul within the city feel the deepest despair before they perish.

~ Nagash .[1a]


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