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Hallowheart can be seen on top of the column in the center of the Shimmering Abyss.

The Free City of Hallowheart is a vital, fortified mining city that guards rich mines situated within a colossal pit know as the Shimmering Abyss in the south of Golvaria of the Great Parch. It was founded by the Hallowed Knights once they had cleansed it of its Tzeentchian occupants, growing from the fortified towns that were built after the Realmgate Wars.[1][4a][4b]

The city itself stands atop a monolithic basalt column. Winding stairways descend to the mining camps below, and to duardin communes built deep into the bedrock. The city's gem mines offer a wealth of magically infused minerals, including much-prized primordial realmstone. These vaguely humanoid accumulations of powerful, volatile matter burn with furious sentience, and it takes skilled miners - aided by the latest eldritch technology - to gather them. Hallowheart seethes with latent magical energy. Yet this powerful aura may not come without a price. Both the Devoted of Sigmar and the city's Stormcast guardians maintain a vigilant watch for the merest sign of corruption, any remnant of the Chaos taint that once suffused the Shimmering Abyss. [3]


The Shimmering Abyss was once inhabited by the Wyrdflame Drake, a serpentine dragon of living flame that was corrupted by the influence of Tzeentch which was slain by a combined force of Hallowed Knights and Fyreslayer mercenaries from the Vostarg Lodge shortly after the Realmgate Wars clearing a path for the construction of a truly majestic stronghold. The city of Hallowheart was built atop the great column of fire-hardened rock, descending level by level into the depths of the Abyss with winding stairways connecting the central column to bustling mining camps in each level built into the walls of the surrounding cavern. However, the corruption of its previous inhabitants run extremely deep and the Stormcast Eternals have often seen undertaking missions into the depths of mines and excavation teams have disappeared without a trace. [6b]

Sigmar desiring to recover the Prismatikon of the ancient Agloraxi Empire to deny its power to his enemies launched the Blazing Crusade that marched into the resource-rich Flamescar Plateau to drive the forces of Chaos and the savage armies of Gorkamorka from the land. Hallowheart was one of three great cities that joined the crusade and sent armies of hardy Freeguild warriors and Battlemages of the Collegiate Arcane. While the war is still ongoing the wizards of Whitefire Court in Hallowheart recovered many priceless magical treasures of the Agloraxi, which they continue to study and test.[6b]

During the Arcanum Optimar a conflagration of sentient magic swept through the lower levels of Hallowheart, incinerating thousands while daemons of Tzeentch attacked the city. The city’s armies and the Hallowed Knights held the daemons at bay while the Battlemages of the Collegiate Arcane desperately attempted to dispel the magical disaster and in the end eighty-two had sacrificed their lives. These martyrs were honoured by the Hallowed Knights with a grand stained-glass mural in the Celestrine Cathedral.[6a]


Every Free City of Sigmar is governed by a Conclave, and while Hallowheart is no exception, the true power within the city belongs to the wizards of the Whitefire Court. The Conclave itself is made up of noble lords, leaders of the city's miners, representatives of the Hallowed Knights, and members of the Collegiate.[6b][7a][9a]



The powerful radiance of Aqshyian magic has given its population strange powers which can manifest in many different ways, from strange birthmarks to an excess of inexplicable good fortune. In all cases, this attunement to the flow of magic grants natives of the city surprising resilience to sorcerous attacks while enhancing the wizards from the city. While the feared taint of Tzeentch means grim Lord-Veritants are a common sight in the city streets, the city’s inhabitants see their silver guardians as nothing less than angels made flesh.[6b]


The city is rich in valuable crystals and minerals and by trading them the city quickly became wealthy and powerful. These include primordial emberstone and drifting accumulations of this powerful but volatile matter burn with a furious sentience. Thus it takes brave and skilled miners with the aid of the latest magical technologies of the Ironweld to gather them.[6b]

Hallowheart trades heavily with other Free Cities of the Great Parch. Of particular note, Golvarian minerals and primordial Realmstone are traded heavily for weapons from Hammerhal Aqsha.[10a]


Many varieties of fruit-bearing citrus trees grow around the city, such as the Churl, whose fruit is cold when removed from its peel in spite of the heat.[7a]


They combine the many noble soldiers of Order infused with mystical energy, which grants natives of the city resilience to sorcerous attacks causing spells hurled at formations of Hallowheart warriors to sputter and disappear before impact as if breaking against an invisible wall while the wizards raised in Hallowheart find themselves able to summon and control the winds of magic with almost preternatural ease. The city also boasts a number of devastating Luminarks and Celestial Hurricanums. During battle clusters of heavily armoured infantry gather around powerful wizards and arcane engines to create a wall of metal that thunders forward to exploit the gaps blasted in enemy lines. Fyreslayers have been given a portion of its vast gold reserves and often fight alongside its armies.[2]


  • Shining Citadel: Is the primary Stormkeep of the Hallowed Knights in the city and the main staging ground and command centre for their crusades across Aqshy. There are vast reliefs depicting the Twelve Ordeals of Lord Gardus and the Canticles of Faith.[5]
  • Celestrine Cathedral: A beacon and place of pilgrimage for the pure, those who walk through its inner gates are said to be purged and purified, but it costs a little of their vital essence. The cathedral has space for many thousands and is a place of refuge during emergencies. It serves as an additional stormkeep for the Hallowed Knights[5][6b]
  • Whitefire Court: The Court is a renowned branch of the Collegiate Arcane, that resides in a hall of the same name constructed almost entirely from emberstone and it morphs and twists daily according to the whims of its occupants.[6b][8a]




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