Dragon Blade

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A unit of 10 Dragon Blade miniatures.

Dragon Blades are the Aelven cavalry of the Order Draconis, mounted on Aelven Purebreeds, and some of the finest in the Mortal Realms. They are talented fighters capable of slaughtering foes with masterful strikes of both lance and sword as well as impale two warriors with one lance thrust. These are beholden to an ancient dignity that allows them to resist the horrors of war if they are around one of their heroes.[1]}[2a]

Units are led by Drakemasters and supported by Standard Bearers, wielding an embossed banner, and Hornblowers.[1][2a]


They go to war mounted on Aelven Purebreeds.[1][2a]


In combat they are armed with Drake Lances, Drake Swords and Drake Shields. The hooves of their mounts are shod with Ithilmar.[1][2a]



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