Chameleon Skink

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Chameleon Skink
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Seraphon
Origins Old Ones' creations
Type Mortal

Chameleon Skinks are a type of Skink with the unique ability to mimic their surroundings. Even the keen-eyed can only see slowly moving shadows and by the time they realise that they are being watched it is often too late.[1]


Embodying the dark between stars rather than the radiance of the constellations themselves[4], Chameleon Skinks act as the invisible instruments of the Slann's will, hunting the servants of Chaos in the shadows.[1] Like the many skink subspecies, the Chameleon Skink are vital in the propagation of the Great Plan, although they are perhaps the most infamous.[3a] With their unique ability to reduce blend into their surrounding, becoming little more than formless shadows, Chameleon Skinks can hide in plain sight before showing their enemies with deadly blow-darts[3a]. Chameleon Skinks have proven their worth asthe scouts, snipers, and assassins of the Seraphon[4]. Hiding within cities and barbarous war-camps, they lurk in the shadows waiting for a shot at their target: Chaos Lords, Soulblight nobles, and even champions of Sigmar.[3a]


While the origin of the Chameleon Skink's abilities is unclear, there are potential explanations that have spread amongst skinkdom. It is rumoured that that the first temple-ships that spawned Chameleon Skinks did not sail through the light of Azyr, but rather in the penumbral gloom of Ulgu. This interaction allowed the shadows of the realm to seep into the temple fleet's spawning pools, resulting in the unique abilities of the Chameleon Skinks.[3a] Perhaps as a result of this, Chameleon Skinks find it easy to become Coalesced in the realm of Ulgu's swirling mists.[4].


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