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Pict Icefall Yhetee.jpg
Icefall Yhetee
Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Beastclaw Raiders
Ogor Mawtribes
Languages Language of the Yhetee
Type Mortal
Distinctive trait Covered In White Fur and Ice Crystals [3a]
Common eye colours Blue [2a]
Common hair colours White [2a]
This is an article for the Yhetee race, you may be looking for the Icefall Yhetee unit article

Yhetees are a race of Ogors that have a deep affinity for the Everwinter, ice, and the magics associated with both. They are often found among tribes of Beastclaw Raiders.[2a][3a]


Yhetees are long-limbed Ogors whose bodies are covered in snow-white, rime-covered fur and eyes the color of frozen gems. Their speech patterns resemble simian screeching to the common ear and their warcries can be mistaken for the violent winds of winter storms.[2a][3a]

Their white fur allows them to blend in among snow, making it easy for them to camouflage themselves in the regions effected by Everwinters. They are alsi swift-moving and able to leap great distances in single bounds.[2a]


Little is known of the Yhetee and even their origins remain largely unknown, as they do not discuss it even among their kin in the Beastclaw Raiders. They are known to travel in packs, often joining Mawtribes and living alongside other Ogors, especially those of the Alfrostuns.[2a][3a]

Their language is archaic and strange, and except the Huskard Torr of the Alfrostuns can communicate with them.[2a]

Myths About Yhetees

Many prevailing theories and legends surround the origins of the Yhetees. Scholars from the Realm of Heavens believe that the Yhetee are literally born from the wintry storms of the Mortal Realms while the Weirdnob Shamans of the Icecracks Warclan believe they are the divine children of Gorkamorka.[2a][3a]


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