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Lord Xen’phantica
Lord Xen’phantica facing Bloodletters.

Lord Xen'phantica is a Slann Starmaster, one of the most ancient of his race. He works towards the Great Conjunction and the final defeat of Chaos, having twice fought alongside Sigmar himself.[1a]


The World that Was

In the land of Lustria, Xen'phantica was Lord of the Third-Temple Pyramid and the Invoker of the Red Eclipse.[1a]

Mortal Realms

Much of his time since the creation of the realms has been spent in contemplation in highest Azyr, his mind searching the cosmos - on occassion however he stirs himself to action to forstall the works of Chaos.[1a]

His deeds include the banishment of the plaguehost of the greater daemon Althrax, the destruction of the mindbeast of Ix, he unleashed his serpahon upon the skaven besiegers of the fyreslayer magamahold of the Vorstak lodge. twice he fought alongside Sigmar himself, although even the god was unaware of his aid in one of the conflicts. When Sigmar unleashed the Stormcast Eternals. the Slann saw that his destiny was linked with them.[1a]

At the beginning of the Age of Sigmar and as Alarielle's protectors fled through what had once been her realm, the Slann saw that Khorne had hurled Skarbrand at them. He swiftly deflected the path and impact of the greater daemon who when he arose from the crater he had created, was swiftly joined his own Legion of Exiles. Unwilling to allow the furious Skarbrand to claim the goddess, Xen'phantica summoned his own warhost and the two clashed in a brutal conflict. Although the rampaging Skarbrand could not be defeated and eventually even the mighest of his seraphon were slain, the Slann starmaster was able to conjure a portal into which the bloodthirster fell. His task accomplished, Xen'phantica returned to the stars. [1b]

Khul's Conquest of Orb Infernia

For centuries, Xen'phantica and his seraphon operated on the Orb Infernia, keeping the Daemon Princes of the four Chaos Gods in disarray, preventing them from gaining control of the hollow planetoid. When Korghos Khul arrived into the Orb during the Realmgate Wars, sent there by Archaon with his mortal hordes of the Bloodbound, he made short work of the Seraphon's anti-daemon traps and fortifications. Korghos' axe was a hateful, cursed weapon that existed outside of reality that the Slann could not predict. When the chance came the Khornate Lord hurled his weapon towards Xen'phantica, passing through the stellar wards and slew him. A thousand slann felt the starmaster's light fading, like as if a piece of their souls had perished, as a strand of fate snapped.[3a]

Times of Tribulation

When Nagash awoke the Red Mists in the Realm of Aqshy, drawing the Orb Infernia closer as the Khornates were stoked by mortals. The Red Mists were then channelled into the ancient Infinity Gears, blasting the Orb Inferia with temporal energies that reversed time, restoring Xen'phantica, his seraphon, and the conflicting daemon princes, thus undoing Khul's victory.[2a][2b]


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