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Stormcast Eternal vs Bullgor 01.jpg
Stormcast Eternal fighting with Bullgor.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Beasts of Chaos
Blades of Khorne
Disciples of Tzeentch
Hedonites of Slaanesh
Maggotkin of Nurgle
Origins Curse of the Dark Gods
Type Mortal

Bullgors are massive bull-headed humanoid creatures belonging to the Warherds faction. They have muscular frame and are twice the height of a man.[1]


It is believed that Bullgors were once more humanoid before being cursed by the Dark Gods, long before the awakening of Sigmar. They were tribes of chaos worshippers that performed gruesome sacrifices and cannibalistic rituals on their own kind to be blessed with strength. The Dark Gods blessed them with the strength they desired, their bodies mutating and gaining a profane appetite for flesh. This curse became known as the Bloodgreed, an all-consuming impulse that drives them to greater acts of violence.[4b]



The Bloodgreed is a curse that all Bullgors suffer, forcing them to tear greedily into flesh, not because they are hungry, but because they have an insatiable need to desecrate bodies of those they eat.[4b]

Every Bullgor possesses great blood thirst to gobble down any meat that can reach - often doing it even on the battlefield. As they disembowel and lop limbs off their foe they are eager to catch the stillquivering flesh in the air with their jaws. This hunger is so strong they even tried to consume wisps and essences of gheists and daemons.[2][4a]

When in warherds Bullgors are often led by Doombull, especially big and bloodthirsty Bullgor that specifically target the mightiest enemies so they can feast on the flesh most redolent with strength, allowing it to grow stronger with each battle. However this all-consuming hunger also warps their minds making them ill-suited for planning and too focused on bloodshed to become the Alphabeasts of a Greatfray.[2][4a]

Ghorgons are said to be descended from a Warherd with an exceptionally strong Bloodgreed curse, that has consumed some many of their kin they have mutated immensely. They have an urgent need to devour and destroy anything it can grab, through sometimes they select enemies whose flesh is most delectable, grabbing them and shoving them into their huge cavernous maws that can swallow a man whole.[4a][5a]

Cygors are said to be descended from a breed of Bullgors that ate the flesh of casters and their curse is different as instead of hungering for flesh, they hunger for magic. This combined with their ghostsight, allows them to see magic and the souls of their caster through their cyclopean eye despite being blind, makes them especially threatening to wizard. They can consume spell as the wizards casts them and with it a part of their souls goes in too.[5b]


Bullgors have little clothes on them and sometimes wear medium armour.[2]


  • Cygor: A malformed breed of Bullgor with a single blind eye able to see magic-infused souls.[3][4a]
  • Ghorgon: Monstrous cousins of Bullgors with four arms.[3][4a]




Not since my Reforging have I known such all-consuming ferocity. Their charge hit us like a tidal wave, and we were hard pressed to hold it back.

~ Lord-Celestant Bordustrian, the Hammers of Sigmar[2]

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