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The Coalesced are the Seraphon Constellations that have descended from Azyr and made permanent settlement in the Mortal Realms.[1a]


The Starborne that occupy the Seraphon temple-fleets are unable to achieve true physicality. However, as their temple-ships descend upon the Mortal Realms, the Seraphon lingering within the realms will have their inherent Azyrite energies mix with the energies of the respective realmsphere. Similar to how the Winds of Magic coalesced and grew concentrated enough to form the realms themselves, the Starborne will eventually gain true permeance, becoming the Coalesced.[1a]


Coalesced Seraphon society is centered upon the temple-cities, which are founded upon the settlement of their temple-fleet. There, the coalesced live amongst the various barrios and ziggurats of the temple-cities.[1b] At the temples they give worship to the Old Ones, as the Coalesced are particularly prone to ascribe godly personifications to the Old Ones in light of the limited knowledge on these beings.[1c]


Seraphon cohorts are organised into formations that are widely categorised as 'warhosts'. In the case of the coalesced, these battlefield formations are known as temple-hosts. A coalesced constellation will contain multiple temple-hosts. The forces of the coalesced constellations will typically operate in the region surrounding their temple-city, or in lands connected to their domains by nearby Realmgates, which they protect without mercy.[1g]

The coaelsced cohorts will take a fight directly to a foe, and warlike champions such as Sunbloods are favoured. The cohorts fight with unstoppable fury, their saurus warriors ripping out their enemies' throats while their skink leaders use their knowledge of the local terrain to set up devastating ambushes. The slann who command the Eternal Temple-hots, the largest of the Coalesced formations, draw upon the stored power of the Astromatrix to reshape the landscape into a weapon. The world-shaking magics of the slann will transform every thick forest or overgrown ruin into a primeval death-trap for their hapless foes.[1g]

Coalesced Constellations


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