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Vulcanaurs are a sapient serpentine species native to the Realm of Aqshy.[1a]


A Vulcanaur is a sleek, muscular serpentine being with an elongated neck capped by a draconic head, two pairs of fan-like wings sprouting from its back, and a whip-like tail. From end to end it is covered obsidian-like scales with lines of red running through them. These incandescent lines more than resemble heat lines, giving off actual heat and converging and widening to a point in their abdomen where the heat grows to the intensity of a godly forge.[1a][1b]

By using their wings to fan this fiery internal furnace, a Vulcanaur can create firestorms and gouts of fire. Though the energies to do so are limiited.[1b]


The Vulcanaurs communicate through fire clouds created with their internal furnaces and wings. By drawing patterns and curls of many-colored sparks, white and red and blue with wavering aspects of blue and violet, in the sky and before them they can convey complex conversations as easily as spoken languages. Sparkhorns are devices that let non-Vulcanaur communicate in the language.[1b]


Members of a group of Vulcanaurs refer to each other as wing-mates, while children are called nestlings. They are fiercely loyal to their kin and those beings they consider friends. They are willing to allow other beings to ride them, in exchange for being tended to, but being forced to carry an unwanted rider is considered a great abomination.[1b]


Uncorrupted Vulcanaurs despise Chaos, becoming enraged if one of their own should fall to it, but are friendly to the followers of Sigmar. A group of Vulcanaurs were roosted in an eyrie of the Sanctuary of the Winter Sun, a Sigmarite temple in the Sorrow Peaks, where they were tended to by dedicants of the temple they considered friends and allowed the priests of the temple to ride them as mounts.[1b]



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