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Arkhan 01.jpg
Arkhan the Black
Grand alliance Death
Associated factions Soulblight Gravelords
Ossiarch Bonereapers
Type Undead

Liches are powerful, wizened sorcerers who have achieved immortality through Necromancy. Such entities serve often rule as lords and emperors among the undead. The most powerful, and ancient, liches in the Mortal Realms are the Nagash the Undying King himself and his ever-faithful servant Arkhan the Black,Mortarch of Sacrament.[2a][3a][5a]


Nagash, the Liche who became a god

A Liche is the end result of a powerful necromancer achieving immortality through necromancy. It is the dream of many a Necromancer across the Mortal Realms to achieve lichedom and become the ruler of their own Grave-Empire.[2a][3a]

When a liche perishes, a truly rare occurrence, the potent necromantic energy they commanded in their undeath clings to their remains. These remains will usually be fully interred in Mortis Engines or broken into pieces to be interred in smaller Mortis Reliquaries by their successors. These devices serve as reservoirs and lodestones of Amethyst Magic.[3a][4a]


Most Liches appear as ancient, withered husks of their former mortal selves, some lacking any flesh upon their bones.[2a] Necromantic energy clings to their bodies, lingering even should they perish.[3a][4a]

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