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The Starborne are those Seraphon born within the confines of Ziggurat-ships that are permeated with starlit magic.[1a]


At the beginning of the Age of Sigmar, many who have encountered Seraphon presumed them to be manifestations of Azyr, not entirely dissimilar to the Stormcast Eternals. However, the truth is somewhat more complex. The Seraphon are fundamentally creatures of flesh and blood, albeit with celestial magic glimmering in their veins. The first of their kind found themselves in the uppermost reaches of Azyr within their ziggurat-ships, where their spawning pools became permeated by starlit magic. Before long, the Seraphon that emerged from within, and even those dwelling within the ships themselves, became more akin to heavenly beings than living creatures as most mortals would understand them. Man Seraphon still persist in this fashion.[1a]


The Starborne exist on a slightly different wavelength to the other realms; their weapons crackle with celestial fury, and when slain they discorporate into blasts of pure starlight. Using the translocation portals found within their arcane vessels, these beings strike precisely and without mercy. It is the slann that bind the essence of the Starborne into their reptilian forms. Many Starmasters can conjure warriors directly from their temple-ships with but a gesture. To those that witness such a feat, it can seem that as though the slann are crafting these creatures whole from the energies of the stars, or even their thoughts alone.[1a]


Although the Starborne can interact with the tangible world, their deep connection to Azyr prevents them from achieving true physicality. As the centuries have passed, some Seraphon temple-fleets have descended from Azyr to form permanent settlements in the Mortal Realms. As these Seraphon linger within their new homes, their inherent Azyrite nature mixes with the magical energy that forms the realmsphere, before eventually gaining true permeance. Such Seraphon are known as the 'Coalesced'.[1a]

Starborne Constellations


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