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Zectoka is a Slann Starmaster with the power of the Fangs of Sotek Constellation at his call.[1] He vividly recalls End Times where he witnessed 8000 murders as his temple was overrun by Khorne worshippers - he now descends to destroy the Blood God's soldiers.[4]


For millennia Zectoka has fought the forces of Khorne and as the Age of Sigmar progressed he continued to confront and destroy them even as they themselves fought the followers of Nurgle in the Realm of Ghyran. [2]

The arrival of hordes of Ironjawz into the Yewood Kingdoms drew his attention, at first he considered it a lesser matter as although the loss of that Jade Kingdom was sad, the expanse of the World-Chasm protected the rest of the realm. [2]

However when the orruks began to hack through the roots of the vast tree city of Silverglade he grew concerned as the length of the vast oak could span the chasm. As Megaboss Zogbak began to lead his forces onto the trunk of the fallen tree, Zectoka arrived to confront him, conjuring his seraphon army as he did so. Although at the end of ensuing conflict, the tree was shattered and Zectoka returned to the ether, Zogbak survived with a handful of followers and now the Slann must attempt to forestall them as well as the followers of the Dark Gods. [2]

The Starmaster descended upon Obsidia Isle as a giant comet, crashing on the Fortress of Embers to support the Stormcast Eternals fighing the Bloodbound warband led by the Khornate Lord Kaelgor. He slew their lord with magic, leading to the warbands defeat.[3]

He attacked the Runnel Pits, where Skaven breed festering horrors, descending from the heavens with hosts of Seraphon. He summoned the light of Azyr to burn away the rot and skaven.[3]


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