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Snotling M01.jpeg
Two miniaturs of a Snotling horde.
Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Gitmob
Type Mortal

Snotlings are a race of mischievous greenskinz making themselves a deadly nuisance to the enemies of the Gitmob tribes.[1]


Small, little enough to fit into a Kharadron's boot, pallid-skinned Snotlings are known to live among some of the Scuttling tribes of the Skyshoals of Chamon.[3]


They use their sharp teeth and pointy Pokin' Sticks to hurt shins and fling Explodin' Spores at their enemies. Snotlings are enthusiastic show-offs, so whenever a Orruk is close enough to see them they will poke their enemies harder.[1][2a]

They are known to build and crew ramshackle contractions know as Snotling Pump Wagons as an imitation of other Greenskin chariots.[1][2b]


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