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Grand alliance Order
Environments Gorwood[1b]

The Aetar are a race of gigantic celestial eagles that rule the peaks of Gorkoman in the Realm of Ghur.[1a] They reside in the Aetar Eyries of the Gorkoman.[1b]


Age of Myth

The Stormvault of the Unchained Lands was built by Aetar, at the behest of Sigmar. For a time the Aetar ruled over it as part of their domains, but eventually the Penumbral Engine at it's heart eroded all memory of the fortress from their minds.[2]

Age of Chaos

King Augus ruled over the Aetar of the Gorkoman for the long centuries of the Age of Chaos, watching ad various armies fought over the Seven Words below his domain.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

The Aetar are one of many native peoples of the vast Gorwood region who refuse to accept Sigmar's rule, and were not particularly accepting of his return.[1b]

Hamilcar Bear-Eater forged an alliance with King Augus Ayr Augellon during his time in the Seven Words. This feat was accomplished thanks to Hamilcar's boisterous personality, willingness to treat the Aetar with respect, and his flippant view toward Sigmar's authority.[1c] This alliance would eventually result in a joint military campaign, including two Freeguilds, a dozen Aetar Eagle Knights, and the Bear-Eaters, against the forces of the Legion of Bloat and the Blind Host. These two hordes of Beastmen sought to claim the Gorwood and Nevermarsh as their own.[1a] Sadly this campaign, the Battle of Kurzog's Hill, ended with most of Hamilcar's Freeguild troops massacred, many of his Stormcast sent to be reforged, and the death of Augus's wife and Queen Ellias Ip Augus. Brought about when the Skaven forces of Ikrit intervened to aid the Beastmen.[1b]

The other Stormcast lords who served in the Free City of Seven Words, Vikaeus Creed and Akturus Ironheel were against the alliance with the Aetar and after Hamilcar's disappearance and subsequent death after the Battle of Kurzog's Hill they did not maintain it.[1c][1d]

Only his past alliance with Hamilcar, and an oath of service from Knight-Venator turned Errant-Questor Barbarus, stayed King Augus's talons, and those of his hundred or so Eagle Knights, from turning on Seven Words in grief and rage over the lose of his queen.[1d] Instead Augus focused his attentions on trying to find and reap vengeance on Ikrit, though in five years of looking the skaven leader was never found, until Hamilcar Bear-Eater returned from being reforged and allied with Aeygar Ayr Augus, Augus's daughter, and his former companion Barbarus to find the vile ratman.[1d]

When Ikrit finally laid siege to Seven Words, the Aetar came to aid the free city. Though they sought vengeance against the Skaven, rather than seeking to save the city itself.[1e]


In appearance they resemble Aetherwings and Star-eagles but on a vast scale, growing to be twice the size of a Flamespyre Phoenix. Females have larger and more powerful claws and beaks than the males.[1a]



The Aetar have developed a warrior culture with a militant aristocracy. These warriors are known as Eagle Knights and are organized into phalanxes. [1b] They wear jewellery and armour, covering the neck and breast in steel and topaz, whilst their rulers bear golden circlets atop their heads.[1a] A single Eagle Knight can contend with and even defeat a Prosecutor retinue and a Knight-Azyros.[1d]

They despise the minions of Chaos, just like many others races of the Mortal Realms.[1a]

Males can demonstrate their prowess and vitality to both rivals and potential mates by making displays high in the sky and at high speed - normally only hatchlings being forced to so only solid ground.[1a]


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