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Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Lumineth Realm-lords
Type Spirit

Aelementors are the spirits of Hysh, embodying its mountains, rivers, winds, skies and even the moon. These spirits embody physical form when fighting alongside the Lumineth Realm-lords.[1a]


After the Spirefall, Tyrion and Teclis wanted to save the Lumineth and their realm. Teclis found their salvation after communing with Celennar, the Aelementor of the moon of Hysh. He returned to the Aelves with the wisdom on how to contact and enter spiritual pacts with the other spirits of Hysh to learn their wisdom. This event would be known as the Reinvention and it save both the Lumineth and the Realm of Light.[1a]


The Lumineth that dedicate their lives to the Aelementors of Hysh became known as the Aelementiri. In exchange they gain great wisdom and supernatural abilities.[1a]



Lumineth Realm-lords
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