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A list of spells that are specific to certain units in the Lumineth Realm-lords army.


Name Casters Description Sources
Darkness of the Soul Scinari Cathallar The caster fills the minds of their enemies with dark thoughts and negative emotions, making it hard for them to do anything other than contemplate their own futile existence. Scinari Cathallar warscroll
Dazzling Light Myari Lightcaller The caster surrounds themselves and nearby allies with blinding light, forcing foes to avert their gaze. Myari Lightcaller warscroll
Erasure Scinari Calligrave With a swift flourish, the caster scribes a rune that opens gaping wounds in the flesh of a foe, or concentrates on creating a more intricate symbol in preparation to wipe the target from existence entirely. Scinari Calligrave warscroll
Gravitic Redirection Alarith Stonemage The caster reduces gravity around them to almost zero, redirecting the force to weigh down a nearby foe. Alarith Stonemage warscroll
Greater Power of Hysh Lyrior Uthralle
Vanari Lord Regent
The caster imbues their sunmetal weapons with the energy of Hysh, making them burn even brighter. Lyrior Uthralle warscroll
Vanari Lord Regent warscroll
Power of Hysh Vanari Auralan Sentinel
Vanari Auralan Warden
Vanari Dawnrider
The caster imbues their sunmetal weapons with the energy of Hysh, making them burn even brighter. Vanari Auralan Sentinels warscroll
Vanari Auralan Wardens warscroll
Vanari Dawnriders warscroll
Protection of Teclis Teclis The caster opens their arms wide, creating a field of glowing energy that protects all of their allies that are nearby. Teclis warscroll
Salvation of Hysh Ellania and Ellathor A veil of magical energy like a shimmering aurora descends upon the caster, protecting them from harm. Ellania and Ellathor warscroll
Storm of Searing White Light Teclis Beams of light shoot out from the caster’s forehead, cleaving through nearby enemies. Teclis warscroll
Windblast Vortex Hurakan Windmage The caster calls forth a mighty hurricane, which they send roaring into the enemy. Hurakan Windmage warscroll

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