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A Scryhawk

Scryhawks are avian birds of prey native to the Realm of Hysh.


While brown feathered at birth, the longer a Scryhawk spent in the skies of Hysh, the more silvery and shimmering their feathers become.[1a]


Scryhawks are commonly found circling the towering mountains of the Vertiginous Peaks in Ymetrica, where they make their nests.[1a]


Vanari Warriors or Auralan Sentinels of the Lumineth Realm-lords often use magical artifacts known as Scryhawk Lanterns to attract these animals, and slowly over time form a bond with them.[1a] Once connected like this, the Aelf can use this to see the world trough their partners eyes, uncovering foes trying to hide from their sight.[2a]


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