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Vanari Bladelords are Vanari warriors of the Lumineth Realm-lords. They are an order of sword-bearing warriors known for their prowess in martial and philosophical matters - despite hailing from the Tyrionic nations of Hysh, they make their homes in the Teclian nations, acting as guardians to Scinari mages. [1a]


It is the aspiration of many a Vanari to enter this hallowed order, and to master the wielding of a Sunmetal Blade in the same way that the Bladelords do. Some maintain that this is to cut short conflict for maximum efficiency, whereas others simply wish for self-actualisation. None, however, seek the position of Bladelord simply for glory or for the thrill of the kill - in battle, a Bladelord is constantly calculating the most likely result of what different levels of strength, momentum, speed, aggression, and dexterity will provide, before smoothly executing with a ruthless efficiency. [1a]


Bladelords wield Sunmetal Greatblades, each carved with Aelven runes of strength, honour, and irrefutable law, with some leaders bearing two individual blades. [1a]


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