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Ellania and Ellathor.

Ellathor is an aelf from Iliatha chosen by Tyrion as his champion, and the brother of Ellania. He is a master of physical combat, being a prodigy - especially for his exceptionally young age of 50. However, their brilliance has earned them just as enough enemies as supporters, leaving them effectively banished from their homeland, leaving them to wander the realms at large to aid the aelven peoples. [1a]

Alongside his twin, Ellathor rose high onto the Teclian ladder - some of their achievements include undertaking the hallucinogenic Trial of the Mindrazor and passing before reaching physical maturity and recommending changes that have since been adopted through all Ten Paradises of Hysh. Noticing the Twins' rising star, Teclis tasked them with visiting each Paradise, and then each realm as to widen their perspective needed to temper their raw ability. [1a]


He was gifted the sword Altairi by Tyrion. [1a]


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