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Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Gutbusters
Type Mortal

Gnoblars are a race of Grots that travel alongside Gutbuster Ogors. Gnoblars hail from the Skrappa Spill in the Realm of Metal but were chased away from their homes by rampaging Orruks. Sick of being picked on by orruks and other grot clans, the Gnoblars sought out the biggest and meanest allies, ultimately ending up amongst the Mawtribes of the ogors. They are expert scavengers and tinkerers that are incredibly useful in tedious, dangerous or downright unpleasant jobs the ogors cannot be bothered to perform themselves. In return, the Ogors offer protection and avoid eating unless food runs low as gnoblar meat is considered to be unpleasant and gritty.[1a][1b]


Gnoblars fight in large expendable hordes relying on large numbers to overwhelm their foes. They are often armed with a wide range of improvised weapons ranging from broken bottles to rusty daggers alongside metal shards and other improvised missiles that can be thrown with surprising accuracy. Though the creatures’ armaments might seem paltry things, any Freeguild soldier unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a Gnoblar dagger will attest to their effectiveness. They also build war machines such as Gnoblar Scraplaunchers. [1a][1b]


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