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A Vanari in the colours of Ymetrica.

Great Nation of Ymetrica is a Great Nation of the Lumineth Realm-lords, located on the Ymetrican Geosegment on the southeast of the Realm of Hysh. The Ymetricans are one of the Teclian nations who primarily base their culture on the teachings of Teclis. Some claim Ymetrica to be the most famous of all the Great Nations.[1][2b]


Ymetricans have a deep connection with the many peaks and mountains of their homeland. Since ancient times, the Aelfs of Ymetrica believed that the higher one climbs, that easier it is for them to reach enlightenment.[2a] Even before the Reinvention, there was a spiritual bond between the mountains of the land and those that lived there. So it were the Ymetricans that first bonded with the spirits of the Realm after the Ocari Dara.[9a]

While the spirits of the raging winds, and mighty rivers of Ymetrica have many followers, no spirits are as revered as those of the mountains. This manifests itself in the sheer number of Alarith shrines built to honor them.[9a] Ymetrica has more Aelementiri than most nation, and even those not pledged to one of these many mountain temples will often make a pilgramige to one of these holy places to pay their respect.[12b] This reverence extends to the symbol of mountain and stone, the rune Alaithi of the Lumineth Tongue. Its a popular rune throughout the nation, and many Vanari hosts and ymetrican noble houses adopted it as part of their heraldry.[12a]

Ymetrica is the land of high peaks, so it comes as no surprise that they are masters of shaping stone. With their mastery of the lithomantic arts they can open mountain passes, or create palaces that appear to be formed from a single stone. Their royal courts embody the grandeur of a mountainside.[12b] Despite this, asceticism is central to many Ymetrican's life. Ymetricans pride themselfs on their resilience and ability to survive and pass on their wisdom to the next generation. Its said, that few are better at living off the land than the Ymetricans are.[12b]

Triangles are a dominant motif in Ymetrican art and culture, referencing the nations high peaks. They can be found alone, topped by a crescent, or connected to form complex patterns.[2a]


Vanari and Alarith warriors from Ymetrica

Ymetricans dislike hasty actions and prefer to commit only when they are sure of the battle conditions. In battle they emulate the nature of the mountain, by wearing down the enemy before landing a lightning-fast coup de grâce, finishing off the enemy in a single blow. In defensive battles the armies of Ymetrica are known for holding off armies that outnumber them a dozen times over, and uses the very earth against their foe through aelementiri magic. Their armies are known for the large number of Spirits of the Mountains that accompany them. And even spirits of entire mountain chains are known for marching to war, giving the phrase ‘Ymetrica walks’ a literal meaning.[2a][2b]

The armies of Ymetrica often fight side by side with their allies from the other lands of Hysh. Especially the forces of Tor Amun, Tor Xillion of Zaitrec, and Settler's Gain of Xintil have been allies for centuries.[9a]


Many aelven communities dwell on the lower flanks of their revered great mountains. Many of these communities tend to hardy livestock. Much of the wealth of these communities and Ymetrica as a whole is in the form of precious gemstones, or other rare minerals. But unlike other races of the Mortal Realms, the Lumineth don't mine the earth in search for them. Instead, the mountains themselves present them to those Aelfs that proved themselves to be worthy.[9a][12b]

But these lands can be dangerous, and the chasms of Ymetrica run deep. Not a few trade expeditions have met their end at the hands of wild Troggoths and Grot ambushes.[9a]


Age of Chaos

  • For ages, the chasm-city of Cathartia has been used by the Scinari Cathallars to dispose of spent aetherquartz. During the Ocari Dara, the accumulated negative energy overwhelmed the Realmgate at the center of the city, tearing a hole into the fabric of the realm, allowing shadow and darkness to stream into Hysh.[2a]
  • A group of knights from Hallowmourne, which later be known as the Hollowmourne Grand Court, find their way into Hysh. They soon established their own demented realm in the Vertiginous Peaks, known as the Vertigon Court.[8a]
  • The Lumineth of the lands see the insane Flesh-Eater as a blight on their land, but find themselves unable to drive them out during the chaos of the Spirefall.[8a]
  • With more and more Chaos Warbands finding their end under the claws of the Mordants, the Lumineth come to see them as useful, atleast for the time being. A containment strategy is put in place, atleast as long as the threat of Chaos remains.[8a]

Age of Sigmar

  • After Teclis revealed the secrets of the Reinvention, the Ymetricans were the first to bond with geomantic spirits of the realm. This deepened their connection the mountains even further. No Great Nation is home to more Alarith temples.[2a]
  • Abandoned and forgotten after the Ocari Dara, the Blackpit Realmgate became the entry point for the combined invasion forces of the Null Myriad and Mortis Praetorian Legions. The protective wards placed by the Lumineth around the Realmgate proved to be no match for the magic of the Mortarch Arkhan. And so the warriors, Morghasts and constructs marched into Ymetrica.[11a]
  • Warned by the mountains themselves, the Ymetricans soon assembled a force to intercept the armies of death. While the Lumineth were at home in the mountains surrounding the Blackpit, each of their ambushes was foiled by the unnatural resistance and endurance of the Bonereaper Legions.[11a]
  • Confronted by the relentless advance of the undead, the Lumineth Realm-lords adapted. Instead of facing them in the open field, the Ymetricans instead opted to target them from afar. Starshard Ballistas and Auralan Sentinels positioned on the hills and ridges brought down not only the Gothizzar Harvester constructs, but also the Mortisan mages of the Ossiarch armies. While this greatly hindered the supply of fresh warriors, with the Lumineth starting to burn the corpses of the fallen, the Ossiarchs were faced the complete dissolution of their forces.[11a]
  • The turning point of the campaign came with the arrival of Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind, and the Aelementari of the Hurakan temple. Reeinforced by the swift Windchargers, it was now the Lumineth's turn to go on the offensive.[101]
  • While Arkhan retreated back into Shyish through the Blackpit Realmgate, he tasked Boneshaper Xaramos with coordinating the undead auxiliary forces, to clear a way for the return of the main Ossiarch force. He quickly makes common cause with the Bright Emperor, the Nagash faithful Abhorrant Gorstane Mortevell of the Vertiginous Peaks. Soon after, the full might of the Vertigon Court pours out of their mountain home.[8a]
  • To send a message, the Ossiarch strategist decide to raze the long defiant port city of Elthondu, on the banks of the Great Daixo River. Using the bodies of the pachyderm sages revered by the Aelfs, the undead forces manage to infiltrate the city. The surprised Lumineth defenders stood little chance and were soon all cut down.[8a]
  • Although victorious at first, the Ossiarch Bonereapers are soon forced to retreat from the lands of the Lumineth. The aelven strategy of burning the remains of the fallen to cinder, cuts off the Ossiarchs from their main resource, and are soon unable to regain their losses. To prevent total disaster, Xaramos demands an ever growing tribute of bone from their Flesh-Eater allies.[8a]
  • Unable to keep up with their demands, one of Gorstane's vassals, the Ghoul King Varshorn, renounces the alliance with the Bonereaper Legions. Barely escaping a trap laid by Xaramos, the Abhorrant uses hidden paths to retreat back into his mountain home of [Starfang Mont]]. The pursuing Ossiarch Bonereapers fail to scout ahead and soon found themselves ambushed by the Flesh-Eaters that call these lands their home.[8a] Xaramos himself is slain by Varshorn.[11b]
  • After the demise of the Lich Arkhan at the hands of Eltharion in the lands of HaixiaH, Nagash himself arrives in the lands of Hysh to enact revenge. Breaking trough the Blackpit Realmgate, the great Necromander easily overpowers the Lumineth guarding the Realmgate. His presence alone bruned out warding runes, turned strong warriors in withered husks, and even the land and mountains themselves felt the touch of death.[11b]
  • Without delay, Nagash moved towards his target, Mount Avalenor, tallest and oldest of the many proud peaks of Ymetrica. On his way, he and his legion swept trough the countless Alarith shrines doting the lands of Avalenoria, its keepers powerless to stop the Lord of Death.[11b]
  • While in pursuit of Nagash, the combined forces of Tor Amun, Tor Ilidreth, and Tor Glimris lead by Lyrior Uthralle soon found themselves fighting fierce battles against the Ossiarch legions. The mountain passes transformed into battlefields, and the loft peaks changed into nightmares of flesh and bone.[11b]
  • While the Vanari felt their resolve and power dwindle the closer they got to Nagash and his baleful aura, the enraged Alarith pushed on. While determined to enact vengeance for what the forces of Death have done to their home, they realized that they alone are not strong enough to fell a god. So they called out for the winds, and the seventy-seven winds of Hysh answered. First to arrive where the warriors of wind-swept Helon, foremost among them, Harantio the Galerider, trickster and legend. And so, the combined forces of Stone and Wind pushed on.[11b]
  • The battle reached its peak when Arch-mage Teclis, and the Lunasphinx Celennar arrived to face the great Necromancer in a duel. Wile trading blows of unmeasurable power, Teclis soon found himself losing to the empowered Nagash. But in the end, it was no god or aelf that tipped the scales, but the human mages of Settler's Gain. Teleported in from far away Xintil by Celennar, it was the light of the distant Tower of Prios channeled by the lenses of the Luminarks that brought down Nagash. Blinded by light, and bound by magical chains, it were the hammers of the Alarith that destroyed his corporeal form with every hammer blow.[11b]
  • Even after the demise of the great Necromancer, the forces of death are still active in Ymetrica. After a campaign to subjugate the remaining ghouls, the Ossiarch Bonereapers Lord Horrek Venzai fortified the Vertiginous Peaks to act as a base in these lands.[9a] While war seems inevitable, Lyrior Uthralle, Warden of Ymetrica, doesn't has any troops to spare. So for now, the warriors of the Alarith temple keep the death contained.[9a]
  • Despite the Lumineth's victory over the Great Necromancer, Avalenor still bears the scars of this titanic battle. Its rocky flesh battered from the onslaught of necromantic energy.[12b]
  • Maybe they were lured in by the rich deposits of Aetherquartz, or just by chance, a Stomp of the Sons of Behemat descended on Seaport Matah, almost bringing their defenses to the breaking point.[9a]
  • Undeads and Mordants are not the only of Ymetrica's worries. Troggoths and Grots have festered in the many dark canyons of the land. Led by the light-hating Frazzelshun of the Spiderfang tribes they sally out, devastating the land of high peaks.[12b]


Ymetrican Geosegment in the Realm of Hysh

Lumineth Cities

Many of the mighty cities of the Ymetricans can be found on the coast of these lands, as the mountains are the holy domain of the Alarith.[9a]

Notable Characters


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