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Jotunbergs are giants native to the Realm of Ghyran. They are known as Living Winters, Stewards of Ghyran's Seasons, Bearers of Winter, and Heralds of the Dying Time. [1a][2a] In spite of their nature, to bring about winter, they are peaceful beings who hold no malice towards others.[3a]


Jotunbergs are powerful entities, though rare, that have the power to rival even gods and to them, their duty of bringing about winter was paramount, far above the squabbles of mortals or immortals. Much like the Sylvaneth they are children of Alarielle and owe her allegiance, though most have forgotten it over the passing eons.[3a]


Age of Sigmar

In the Realmgate Wars, during the Lady of Vines's and Steel Souls flight to the Aethelwyrd, a Jotunberg that was infected by the taint of Nurgle came between them and the followers of Nurgle, led by Torglug, that pursued them. The creature wandered into the Sea of Serpents, at the command of the Lady of Vines, and collapsed forming a bridge for the Lady and her companions to carry Alarielle's seed to Aethelwyrd. After much convulsing and attempts to settle the creature, it eventually succumbed to infection, becoming the first of its kind to ever die.[3a]


Jotunbergs are few in number and will spend centuries slumbering in the northern rimelands of Ghyran.[3a] They resemble mountains and have craggy flesh made of stone, covered in rime and frost.[2a][3a] Much like the Sylvaneth these rocky titans respond to the Spirit-Song of Alarielle the Everqueen.[2a]


When awoken these living winters traverse across the Realm of Ghyran bringing the season of winter with them and an end to the growing season.[3a]


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