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Treerunners being rode by Hurakan Windchargers.

The Hyshian Treerunner is a long-limbed beast that runs along with the wind for its own enjoyment.[1a]


Their name comes from the fact that they can run through even forest canopies, leaping from branch to branch with ease. This ability comes from their natural aptitude for judging wind currents, allowing them to make truly impressive leaps buoyed by wind. To outsiders it would look as if they are immune to gravity entirely - scaling sheer cliff faces and towers with ease. [1a]


Treerunners are known to have skittish personalities.[1a]


Should a member of the Hurakan temple soothe their skittish spirit with a suitably calming melody, the Treerunner will become Windcharger mounts. [1a]


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