Great Nation of Aurathrai

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Great Nation of Aurathrai is a Great Nation of the Lumineth Realm-lords, located on the Aurathrai Geosegment on the northwest of the Realm of Hysh. The Aurathrai are one of the Tyrionic nations who primarily base their culture on the teachings of Tyrion.[1][2]


Age of Sigmar

  • Spilling out of the Kraggstomp Realmgate, Mogluk's horde despoils the lands of Oralunia. Yet, they are faced with an enemy they cant destroy in combat, thirst. Trapped in the desert of Oralunia, half of the Orruk horde perishes before they reach the great river Ioda in the heart of Aurathrai. Yet, as the greenskins plunge into the water to quench their thirst, they find themselves under attack by the Lumineth worshiping the great river. The river Aelementiri descend on the Orruks. Racing through the horde, slitting their throats with quicksilver grace. Yet, the most hardened of Mogluk's warriors refuse to die quickly, fighting the Aelfs in the blood red waters. Only when the river Ioda, and its tributaries manifest themselves is the battle put to an end. While the horde has been vanquished, the fight has not left its scars. The corpses of the drowned Orruks have infected the river with a savage rage.[3a]


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