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Grot Scuttling M01.jpg
Eight Scutlings miniatures
Grand alliance Destruction
Type Mortal

Scuttlings, also called Scuttlers, are tribal, half-arachnid Grots that can be found in numerous places across the Cosmos Arcane.[1a][2]


Scuttlings are a race of half-arachnid Grots that have four arms and two legs. They are capable of producing their own poisons and webbing, much like the arachnids they resemble.[1a][2]


They are known to infest the Silver Towers of Gaunt Summoners and some of the islands of Chamon's Skyshoals. The creatures are well-known for being sneaky opportunists, who employ poisons and webbing of their own creation when hunting prey or attacking foes, they supplement these natural weapons with stabbas and huntin' bows.[1a][2]


The Scuttlings of the Skyshoals, called Scuttlers, have developed a language comprised of hissing and half-words.[2]


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