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Pict Orruk.jpg
An Bonesplitter Orruk.
Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Bonesplitterz
Orruk Warclans
Languages Orrukish Tongues
Savage Tongues
Type Mortal

The Orruks are a race of Greenskins that populate the Mortal Realms. They are warlike and unpredictable creatures gathered around in tribes scattered across every realm, already infesting them before Sigmar started to explore them. They often clash with everyone including themselves for the joy of battle, but also dominance and territory.[1]

Orruks, like other Greenskins, grow larger the more time they spend fighting. They embody the brutal philosophy that might is right, respecting strength above all else and only the strongest get to be their leaders, which because of their size and the way they used it has led the Ironjawz to be the rulers of their race. After all if someone can snap your neck he is worth following at least so they can see him snap other peoples necks. The more a Greenskin fights the bigger he gets. Many like-minded creatures, like Ogors, Troggoths and Aleguzzlers often join the hordes of greenskins into battle.[1][2]

The Orruks worship many deities, but above all of them is the almighty Gorkamorka and its separated forms, Gork and Mork.[1]



It is believed that orruks reproduce by breaking down into fungal jelly upon death, forming strange egg-sacs that draw nutrients from deep in the earth before birthing gangly and toothsome proto-orruks known as “yoofs”. Thus orruks seem to emerge from caverns and fissures when least expected and are difficult to displace once they have infested an area.[3]


Savage Orruks

Savage Orruks are superstitious barbaric tribes that follow 'da old ways', forgoing any form of advancement and favouring tradition. Their approach to life is so atavistic they refuse wearing any equipments and weapons made of metal. These tribes are distinguished by their near-nakedness, ritual piercings, garish warpaints and strange fetishes.[1]

Ju-ju doks are mystic shamans whose word in these tribes are law. They led the strange rites these tribes perform before battle.[1]



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