Myari's Purifiers

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{{{3}}} Myari's Purifiers
Myari's Purifiers vs Dread Pageant 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Order
Faction Lumineth Realmlords
Sub-Faction Great Nation of Ymetrica
Leader Myari Lightcaller
Members Ailenn, the Mind's Edge

Myari's Purifiers are a graceful company of Lumineth aelves who glow with the power of Hysh. Steeped in learning and arcane skill, they have entered Beastgrave to calm its wrath, believing that only they have the presence of mind to resist the mountain’s primal call. Their confidence may be well placed. Myari is a master of elemental invocations, renowned for his great wisdom and insight, while the three warriors who fight alongside him epitomise different aspects of the Lumineth way of war.[1b][2a]


The warband ventured into Beastgrave upon receiving visions of ill portents should it awake. In doing so they repeatedly clashed with the Hedonite warband known as the Dread Pageant.[3]


Myari Lightcaller

Main article: Myari Lightcaller

Myari Lightcaller is a Scinari Wizard from the Great Nation of Ymetrica, who leads his Purifiers and is accompanied by a Scryowl Familiar named Ulari. He, his familiar Ulari and his Purifiers ventured in a quest to quiesce the living mountain of Beastgrave and to stop the spread of the Katophrane curse to the rest of Mortal Realms.[2a] During Myari's initial venture into Beastgrave, his group encountered the Hedonites of Slaanesh known as the Dread Pageant, who were attempting to perform a ritual to possibly awaken the mountain. This ritual of awakening was subverted and the group, recognizing their fates are now tied to the bestial mountain, resolved to remain to ensure the balance of power does not tip to one faction.[3]

Ailenn, the Mind's Edge

Ailenn is a wandering Vanari Bladelord, and a member of Myari's Purifiers from the Great Nation of Ymetrica. Ailenn agreed to fight for Myari, on the condition that he would train her in using Hyshian energies.[1b][2a] She is armed with a Sunmetal Greatsword that burns their victims from the inside out.[1b]


Main article: Bahannar

Bahannar is an Alarith Stoneguard from the Great Nation of Ymetrica. He is armed with a Stone Mallet whose blows land with the power of a mountain avalanche.[1b] He is able to enter a deep meditative state, so much so that he can ignore torture at the hands of a Slaanesh Sybarite.[3]


Main article: Senaela

Senaela is an Auralan Sentinel from the Great Nation of Ymetrica. She wields an Auralan Bow made out of Sunmetal that can burn their victims from the inside out. She is also armed with a Vanari Dagger to use in close range.[1b]



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