Silent People

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Silent People
Environments Mountains

The Silent People are a mysterious, migratory race who have formed symbiotic relationships with the Beastgrave, a living mountain of the Realm of Ghur. During each hibernation period of the Realm of Ghur these beings gather up their greatest treasures and retreat to cells hidden deep within these mountains.[1a]


The Silent People are a race of migratory, insectoid people who have formed a strange symbiosis with the Beastgrave. During the hibernation periods that the Realm of Ghur goes through they gather up their most prized possessions and retreat to cells hidden deep beneath the earth, where they can safely pupate and restore their forms.[1a] The Silent People have been in a hibernation since at least the coming of Sigmar to the realm.[2a]

Those that chose to hibernate within the safety of the amber deep within the Direchasm of the Beastgrave have been awoken prematurely, along with the mountain. The premature awakening has left them in a half-formed, larval stage and they must hide even as those that have invaded the Beastgrave steal their treasures.[1a]


Age of Myth

When the civilizations of Humans, Duardin, and Aelfs first truly begin to spread across the Realm of Ghur, the insectoid Silent People have already begun their long hibernation within the Beastgrave.[2a]


The cave paintings and statuary found throughout the Beastgrave is attributed to these strange people. Those that hibernate within the Direchasm choose to store their belongings within small, tomb-like caverns that are adjoined to the larger passages of the Direchasm.[1a]


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