Rat Ogor

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Rat Ogor
Rat Ogor 01.jpg
A Rat Ogor.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Moulder
Origins Moulder's creations
Languages Queekish
Environments Underground
Type Mortal

Rat Ogors are one of the war beasts Clans Moulder produces in their depraved breeding grounds. These monsters are known for their immense ferocity, but they lack any sort of rational reasoning or - in other words - are extremely stupid. Rat Ogors are one of the major export products of Clan Moulder.[1b]

Due to their immense strength and their relatively low own willpower, Rat Ogors make great bodyguards. A very famous example is Boneripper which belongs to Grey Seer Thanquol. Clan Moulder also caters to special customer requests regarding improvements of the Rat Ogors they sell.[1a]


They are huge muscular mutants, corrupted amalgamations of Ogors and Skaven. Large amounts of warpstone are often part of their creation process in which master breeders of Clan Moulder make use of various demented techniques of partly surgical, partly magical nature.[1b]


When driven into battle, Rat Ogors rage through enemy lines with ease, leaving only a bloody mush behind. By using their razor-sharp fangs and blade-like talons - and often enough real blades sewed into their flesh - Rat Ogors are a horrifying sight to behold. Some of the Rat Ogors are even augmented with Warpfire Throwers making them not only a threat in melee but enabling to rain death on their enemies from the distance too. When being sufficiently motivated by the Moulder swarms driving them, they are devastating tools of destruction for any general controlling them.[1b,1c]



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