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Cygor 01.jpg
A Cygor charging to battle.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Beasts of Chaos
Blades of Khorne
Disciples of Tzeentch
Hedonites of Slaanesh
Maggotkin of Nurgle
Origins Curse of the Dark Gods
Type Mortal

Cygors are monstrously malformed breeds of Bullgor that fight in the Warherds.[1][2]


Unlike their Bullgor brethren they do not thirst for flesh, but for magic, the flesh of wizards being their favourite prey. It helps that despite their single cyclopean eyes being blind to all physical matter, they have a ghostsight that allows them to see the flow of magic, sorcery and the magic-infused souls of wizards as bright as wildfire amongst perpetual darkness, allowing them to pick them amongst the huddled masses. They can also feed off the swirling winds of magic, allowing them consume two spells at the same time as well as eat part of the caster's soul that casted it. Due to all of this Cygors are incredibly threatening to all spellcasters.[1][2][3]


The ancestors of Cygor in ancient times consumed a vast amounts of spellcasters, like the Great Bray-Shaman, Hedge Wizards and Witch Doctors of primitive Aelven and Human tribes. This ensorcelled flesh forced a ghastly transformation on them, not only swelling them to gargantuan sizes, but also their eyes melded together into a single, misty orb in the center of their foreheads.[1][2]


Cygors are drawn to and repulsed by the buried ruins with mystical wards or enchantments carved on them. When they find one they dig it out with their shovel-like hands and carry it around. They then throw this piece of Desecrated Boulder at the suitable prey they sniff out. They can strike with their massive horns.[1][2][3]




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