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Kroxigor 01.png
A Kroxigor.
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Seraphon
Origins Old Ones' creations
Type Mortal

Kroxigors are hulking, crocodilian Seraphon, twice as large as a Saurus that fight for the Slann. They are angry slabs of raw muscle and pure strength that can even down the biggest of Chaos Warriors with a well-placed blow. Lesser enemies are reduced into bags of shattered bones with their enormous clubs. Their deep hatred for Chaos gives them the resolve to fight without stopping, which has earned the respect of many Scar-Veterans.[1b][2]

They usually go to fight alongside masses of Skinks, crushing any who wold threaten them. When near them the Kroxigors are energized by their nimbus of light.[1a][1b]

When in a battle-frenzy a Kroxigor can close his vice-like jaw, that are like a steel trap, on the victim, and then shake them back and forth like a rag doll to shatter their bones and tear their flesh.[1a][1b]


They are armed with Drakebite Maul and Moon Hammers, the last which can smash a multitude of foes in a single sweeping arc.[1a][1b]



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