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Free Spirits are Sylvaneth who serve Alarielle directly, standing outside the system of Glades and Clans that make up normal Sylvaneth society. They are her protectors and the executioners of her enemies, and their numbers have been increasing ever since she was reborn in her war aspect.[1a][2a]


The specific duties of each Free Spirit varies, but they are all warriors and are frequently found among the wargroves of the Sylvaneth. They do, however, have a greater purpose than simply being a supplement to the armies of the glades: they are emissaries of the Everqueen, and their presence ensures that Alarielle's will is done.[1a]


It is not uncommon for Free Spirits who fight alongside a certain clan or glade to adopt their markings and coloration as a sign of unity.[1b]


While the Free Spirits are all unquestionably loyal to Alarielle and their strength and martial skill makes them valued allies for clan wargroves, there are those among the Regents of the Glades and Lords of the Clans look upon them with some trepidation. No one can fault the Spirits of Durthu who have stood guard over the Everqueen since time immemorial, but the speed with which the Kurnoth Hunters and their Huntmaster have become the vanguard of the War of Life worries some.[1c][2d] Meanwhile, the Arch-Revenants openly ignore the borders of the clans and the rules of diplomatic etiquette in their quests to gather military intelligence for their goddess, subverting Dryads to be their agents and rousing the Spirit Song to a martial pitch wherever they go.[2d]

Some of these concerns may be the simple self-interest of clan lords fearful of losing their influence or the usual conservatism of old growths, but it is hard to deny that the newer Free Spirits are an ever-growing part of Sylvaneth efforts in the War of Life - and what that portends for the future of the Sylvaneth, none can say.[2d]


Age of Myth

  • Alarielle chooses Spirits of Durthu podborn from her first sowing to be her personal bodyguard, which she dubs the Sons of Durthu.[2d]

Age of Chaos

  • Alarielle sends twelve of the Sons of Durthu to the Ulgulands on a quest to locate a weapon that could turn the tide of the War of Life. They have not been seen since, but some hold out hope to this day that they will eventually return.[2c]
  • The Splintering: Alarielle flies into a rage and banishes the Sons of Durthu. The reason for this banishment is unknown save to the Everqueen herself and her closest confidantes.[2d]

Age of Sigmar