Spirit of the Wind

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Spirit of the Wind
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Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Lumineth Realm-lords
Origins Realm of Hysh
Environments Sky
Type Spirit

Spirits of the Wind are elemental spirits of the Hyshian winds and storms. They possess a fierce animus and are given names by the aelves that seek to predict where they will ravage next. Some, longing to defend their homelands from the beings that would despoil them, join the Hurakan and the armies of the Lumineth Realm-lords. [1a]


At their core, Hyshian wind spirits are mercurial forces that whip across the landscape and despise being contained in one place for too long. Before the Age of Chaos, most Spirits of the Wind were warm, playful and capricious, but most have since become resentful and fierce - with some actively becoming violent and cruel, bludgeoning towns and cities in their path. [1a]


The natural state of Spirits of the Wind is invisible and ephermal, and they are given coherent form by sacred masks kept in Hurakan temples. When Spirits of the Wind take physical form, they echo that of the lithe Horned Fox. [1a]


Spirits of the Wind are always surrounded by a swirling vortex of Hyshian magic, that sweeps up those in its way and thrusts them to the earth. The way in which Spirits of the Wind fight is largely dependent on the preferred style of each individual Spirit; ones with a more mischievous temperament may turn helmets or whip cloaks of the proud so that they cannot see, only to throttle and blind, others of a more sadistic mindset will choke their enemies by taking the air from their lungs, whereas other will simply thrust them to the ground or blades of their comrades. [1a]


Spirits of the Wind are armed with massive greatbows, with arrows the size of spear shafts. So swift are the Spirits that they can launch killing blows into the enemy line, throwing them aside like rag dolls. [1a]



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