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The Sky-Titans were a brood of Gargants that ruled over the sky kingdom known as the Great Green Torc, which floats above the Scabrous Sprawl, in the Realm of Ghyran.[2a]


The Sky-Titans were a brood of Gargants born with sharp intelligence and a sense of morality, unlike their kin. They rose above the scavenger lifestyle of their race and took to craftsmanship and arts. They were particularly renowned for their forgecraft, making artefacts such as articulated armour and massive cannons, latter known as Ironblasters by the Ogors that scavenged them.[1a][2a]


Age of Myth

Late in the Age of Myth, Behemat the World-Titan, at the urging of Gorkamorka, challenges Sigmar to a fight. The battle does not go well for him and he is knocked senseless by Ghal Maraz, the Godbeast staggered across the Jade Kingdom of Verdia and vomits forth hundreds of gargants before passing out, laying in a coma for untold centuries.[2a]

These gargants are to become known as the Sky-Titans and possess an intellect and sense of basic morality that is rare for their kind. They come to rule over the sky kingdom known as the Great Green Torc and forge many wondrous artefacts ranging from articulated armour to immense cannons that fire projectiles the size of boulders.[2a]

Age of Chaos

The Age of Chaos brings many horrors upon the peoples of the Mortal Realms and the Sky-Titans are no different. After centuries of isolation and deprivation they are forced to abandon the Great Green Torc, which becomes overrun by Spiderfang Grots and Beastmen, and go into hiding in the Sweatswamp. In doing so they hope to escape the plagues of Nurgle that ravage their homeland. During their time in hiding they revert into atavism.[2a]

Age of Sigmar

The Sky-Titans remain in hiding for centuries until the Age of Sigmar. They are united under King Brodd who leads them in the fight against Archaon and his forces.[2a][2b]

When the Stormcast Eternals come to free the Scabrous Sprawl during the Realmgate Wars, they coerce Brodd and his followers into a rampage that greatly hampers Archaon's schemes. In that same campaign Behemat is awoken by Skaven Parasite Engines and flies into a rage, but is slain soon after by the Celestant-Prime who strikes the Godbeast with Ghal Maraz.[2a][2b]

Now Brodd and his followers roam the Mortal Realms in search of those who slew the World-Titan, seeking to rain vengeance down upon them.[2b]



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