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Ironblasters are cannons mounted on the backs of Rhinoxen used by the Gutbusters Ogors.[1a]

These mobile siege pieces fire blasts that sound like volcanic eruptions. Once shot they burst a gout of flame that hurls multiple cannonballs. Their ammo is capable of blasting a castle wall apart in a single volley. Should there be any shellshocked survivors of these artillery pieces they will be clubbed down by the gunner or trampled by the mount.[1a]


There are many Gutbusters legends on how the first Ironblasters came to be, but all of them agree on one thing. They were the formidable weapons of the Sky-Titans from the Scrabrous Sprawl. When their empire was torn down, or devoured by Gorkmorka as some mythspeakers say, these cannons and other destructive weapons were recovered by the Ogors. Over time these weapons were destroyed until only a few remain, claimed by the richest and most powerful Mawtribes. The rest can find similiar devices by looting the walls of conquered Sigmarite cities, pressgang Ironweld engineers to create such devices and even finding someone willing to do business with ogors and craft if for them.[1a]


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