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Hobgrot 01 .png
A Hobgrot
Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Kruleboyz
Orruk Warclans
Languages Orrukish Tongues
Traditional Language of the Hobgrots
Type Mortal

Hobgrots are greenskins a bit bigger than most grots but smaller than orruks.[1] While there are stories of entire hobgrot empires, they are most infamous for acting as intermediaries between Chaos-worshipping duardin and orruks, particularly Kruleboyz. The orruks get duardin-forged weapons and other materiel, the duardin get orruk-captured slaves, and the hobgrots make sure everything moves between the other two parties and skim a bit off the top for their trouble.[1]


Compared to their greenskin cousins, hobgrots resemble grots more than orruks, with large, floppy ears and a generally weedy physique. However, like orruks, they have prominent tusks jutting from their lower jaws.[1]


Hobgrots are more dextrous and organized than most grots (for what little that's worth) and even more spiteful. They also generally can be trusted to remain composed when stressed or in battle, unlike their smaller cousins.[2] They also tend to be better at diplomacy and negotiation due to their constant trading.[3]

Perhaps due to their usual position as outsiders and go-betweens, hobgrots tend to band together when one of them is threatened by a non-hobgrot. It's generally considered acceptable among hobgrots for hobgrots to threaten, sabotage, cheat, or attack one another, but any orruk or grot who tries the same will usually end up having to face down every hobgrot in the area.[3]


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