Ghal Maraz

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Ghal Maraz, the Great Shatterer

Ghal Maraz, also known as the Great Shatterer, is the legendary warhammer wielded by Sigmar Heldenhammer that originates from the World Before Time.[3a]



Ghal Maraz was crafted long ago in the World-That-Was by followers of Grungni, the Smith God, who gifted the weapon to Sigmar when he was still young. When Sigmar achieved apotheosis and attained true godhood, Ghal Maraz transcended its material nature alongside him.[3a]

Age of Myth

For untold aeons Ghal Maraz served as Sigmar's weapon of choice. He wielded it as he first journeyed across the Mortal Realms building his Pantheon and ruling the Realms. With it he fought Gorkamorka to a standstill and knocked Behemat senseless.[3a]

Age of Chaos

Sigmar wielded the hammer in his battles against the Daemons known as the Tetrarchs of Ruin, banishing them from the Mortal Realms and it was with him on the Fireplains of Aqshy during the Battle of Burning Skies, where he led a great coalition against the legions of Chaos. Unfortunately it was during this battle that Sigmar was tricked into hurling Ghal Maraz through a rift in reality, where it would eventually land in the Hanging Valleys of Anvrok.[3a]

Age of Sigmar

It was successfully reclaimed by Vandus Hammerhand only thanks to betrayal in the Chaos ranks. After being recovered by the Heldenhammer Crusade, Sigmar went to the Black Citadel and placed it into the hands of the Celestant-Prime, awakening from his slumber and ready for war.[1]

The Celestant-Prime now wields Ghal Maraz in battle against the enemies of Sigmar and Order.[3a]

Magical Properties

Ghal Maraz is such a potent relic of holy power that it can banish the corruption of the Dark Gods from a mortal soul. Champions of Chaos struck down by the hammer, and deemed worthy by the Celestant-Prime, ascend to the Sigmarabulum in Azyr where they will be Reforged into Stormcast Eternals.[3a]


As Sigmar's most prized and well-known weapon, Ghal Maraz is seen as an important relic of the Sigmarite faithful. Many are the charms and icons made in its likeness, and such is their power that Daemons of Chaos who look upon them feel discomfort.[3a]