Wandering Mountains

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Wandering Mountains
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Baeldrag[3a]
Type Other
Average height Titanic

The Wandering Mountains are among the most immense entities that live in the Realm of Life.[1a][2a]


The Vostargi scion lodge known as the Baeldrag establish themselves within the Realm of Ghyran. They make their homes within the Wandering Mountains and eventually come into conflict with the Skaven whose atrocities threaten the titanic entities that make up the nomadic mountain range.[1a]

Originally the conflict was simply an obligation in the eyes of the Baeldrag, but when the Grey Seer known as Kritket Doomeye fused the Runesons of the lodge into the abomination known as Ummglug it became a war of vengeance. Now the Baeldrag seek the eradication of all the foul ratmen within and without the Wandering Mountains, even waging wars against them that bring no profit to the lodge.[1a][3a]


The entities that make up the Wandering Mountains are truly immense, dwarfing even the likes of the incomprehensibly large Gighemoths. They are known to have bones and rocky crags, as well as tunnels carved within them.[1a][2a]


As their name suggests the Wandering Mountains are nomadic creatures. They are large enough for entire ecosystems to exist on their backs, such as the swamps and bogs atop the Gargant's Plateau.[4a][4b]


Smaller creatures have been known to make their homes upon and within the Wandering Mountains, among them the Fyreslayers of the Baeldrag Lodge, the sylvaneth of the Arrak Woodkings, and the verminous Skaven.[4a][4b]


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