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Gutbusters 01.jpg
Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Ogor Mawtribes
Main grouping Warglutt
Races Gnoblar
Creatures Rhinoxen
Spell lores Lore of Gutmagic
Scenery Great Mawpot

Gutbusters are nomadic kingdoms of Ogor wartribes that always wander the Mortal Realms in search of their next meal, ransacking the lands to provide their caravans with food. Gutbusters are the largest of Ogor cultures with numbers and "shines", a catch-all term for treasure and the finest weapons. [1][2a]


Gutbusters gather into tribal gatherings known as Warglutts which could range from little more than a score of ogors scavenging for food to hundreds or more and many such Warglutts join to form a Mawtribe. A Gutbuster warglutt is usually ruled by a Tyrant, who commands with unquestioned and brutal authority. The position must be earned through brute force by battering one’s rivals and consuming their innards. A Tyrant that leads an entire mawtribe becomes an OverTyrant. The Tyrant’s word is law on all matters except the direction in which the warglutt head which is decided by the Slaughtermaster. The Tyrant's will is enforced by an elite retinue of the biggest and meanest Ironguts called the Gutguard who rarely leave the side of the Tyrant in battle and in return are granted the choicest loot and the finest cuts of meat in the aftermath of a raid. However the great majority of challengers to a Tyrant’s rule will also come from within the ranks of the Gutguard. [2b]

The second most powerful figure is the Slaughtermaster who leads the Butchers in their gruesome rituals and is responsible for cooking up the Tyrant’s meal after every battle. On rare occasions, Slaughtermasters are known to overthrow Tyrants and take command of an entire warglutt when they feel that the will of Gorkamorka has not been fulfilled. Beneath him are the Butchers, who gather and boil up slain foes for the tribe’s nightly meal. The warglutt’s feasts also draw in cursed abominations known as Gorgers who are seen as nothing more than repulsive beasts by their fellow ogors and are forced to live on the edge of a warglutt’s encampment. Depending on its size, an ogor war camp may also attract Ogors from outside the warglutt’s sphere of influence such as Firebellies and mercenary bands of Maneaters. [2b]

Gnoblars also live in warglutts and as they taste foul Ogors will only eat them if the situation becomes desperate. Further they are useful as disposable fodder and produce crude ramshackle war machines known as Scraplaunchers that are surprisingly effective.[2b]


They worship Gorkamorka as The Great Beast that Consumes the World and use his divine powers to destroy the Mortal Realms.[1]


Gutbusters like to collect anything that sport them as striking trophies, like glittering orbs, bright banners and elegant armor parts.[1]



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