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Ironguts are veteran Ogor brutes fielded by the Gutbuster warglutts and some of the most fearsome warriors of these armies.[1a]

Ironguts take great pride in their intestinal prowess and often challenge one another to grotesque eating contests in order to prove their dominance, sometimes in the middle of battle.[1a]


Ironguts are typically employed at the decisive moments of a battle to seek out and club to death fierce pockets of enemy resistance. The Tyrant's Gutguard contains a great number of these champions, but other packs of Ironguts can be found across the warglutt's battle line, liberally splattered with the blood and brains of their enemies. Many hard-fought engagements are decided by their devastating charges, so much so that a common refrain is heard whenever the outcome of a battle is in the balance: 'It's down to the Ironguts'[1a]

When every last enemy has been thoroughly dismembered, the Ironguts claim the prime cuts of meat from the gory pile of limbs and torsos – much to the envy of watching Ogor Gluttons.[1a]


To become an Irongut, an ogor must be hand-picked for the honour by their Tyrant, a rank bestowed only upon the most grizzled and fat members of the tribe, who have fought alongside the Tyrant for many decades. Afterwards they must consume a particularly lethal concoction cooked up by the warglutt's Butcher, as a final test of fortitude.[1a]

The exact recipe differs from tribe to tribe but typically involves at least one ingredient that even ogors find troublesome to digest. Examples include crushed Aqshian firecrystals, Jabberslythe brains and the bubbling venom of mighty Skitterstrand Arachnaroks, which are all considered an acquired taste.[1a]

Along with their favoured warriors, it is common for a Tyrant's offspring to fight in the ranks of the Ironguts, where they can be watched and gorily disposed of if they display any signs of rising ambition. However, no matter how paranoid a Tyrant becomes, they cannot keep an eye on all potential challengers. Threats to their rulership will almost always hail from the ranks of the Ironguts, simply because they are the toughest and most arrogant brutes in the tribe. The Tyrant's closest companions they might be, but there is absolutely no room in ogor society for sentiment or loyalty. Given the opportunity, an ambitious Irongut will turn upon their chief in the blink of an eye.[1a]


Clad in plates of heavy armour and wearing gut-plates crafted from the shiniest metals, they thunder into battle swinging oversized two handed weapons.[1a]


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