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Scraplaunchers are crude catapults constructed by Gnoblars. These hurl fistfuls of metal shards, broken weapons and other oddments high into the air.[1a]

These razor-sharp pieces of junk metal then rain down upon the heads of the ogors' foes. Accuracy is not a Scraplauncher's strong point, and much of its payload will simply bounce off iron helmets or embed itself into the earth. However, the deluge of sharp instruments is so intense that at least a few will sink deep into the unfortunate targets' flesh with horrific results.[1a]

They are built in the typically ramshackle Gnoblar fashion, a Scraplauncher seems perpetually on the verge of falling apart as it rumbles into battle, hauled by an rhinox mount. Its crew of Scrappers swarm about, retying loose ropes and hammering wobbly nails back in even as they pour fistfuls of sharp implements into the catapult's bucket.[1a]

Most of the Scraplauncher's ammunition consists of weapons, items too big to be wielded by the Gnoblars themselves but too small for an ogor's hands. However, the Scrappers take particular glee in adding a few unusual items into the mix: captured prisoners, poisonous spikefish, angry jabbertoads and other amusing objects. In the aftermath of battle, the Gnoblar crew will search the field to see where these unusual objects landed. They collapse in fits of malicious laughter when they see an enemy warrior with, for example, a gargant's toenail embedded in their skull.[1a]

Should the enemy close upon the Scraplauncher, they will have to contend with a furious rhinox. The last thing most foes expect is for a siege machine to up and start charging at them, and they usually have only a few moments to ponder the strange sight before a snorting beast of burden smashes into them with boulder-shattering force. While their rhinox bucks and stamps in a mad rage, the Gnoblar Scrappers atop the Scraplauncher will stab at hands and faces with their own crude weapons.[1a]



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