Hrothgorn's Mantrappers

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{{{3}}} Hrothgorn's Mantrappers
Hrothgorn's Mantrappers 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Destruction
Faction Ogor Mawtribes
Beastclaw Raiders
Sub-Faction Winterbite
Leader Hrothgorn Mantrapper
Members Bushwakka

Hrothgorn's Mantrappers are a Beastclaw Raider warband led by Hrothgorn, an Icebrow Hunter and his little troop of followers. They are a hunting band that ranged ahead of their Alfrostun in search of prey. The group eventually caught the scent of abundant prey and traversed a series of winding tunnels in search of it. It was not long before Hrothgorn realized his party had happened upon the Beastgrave, whose legends are well known to the Mawtribes. Now the Ogor seeks a way out of the cursed mountain, for their is no true food upon it only endless hunger and death.[1]


Prior to Grothgorn's arrival, there’d been a storm, a squall spun off from the cold hell of the Everwinter that dogged the heels of Hrothgorn’s people, and in its raging winds he’d found the trail. A swathe cut through the snow, and with it, paw prints as large as his hand. The track of a beast, something huge, something he’d never seen before, and Hrothgorn had followed it. He was a tracker, a hunter, the best in all his alfrostun, and new prey was his favourite meat. Hrothgorn had followed the track through the storm, losing it, finding it, until he finally saw the beast. It was coiled like a serpent on a ridge of stone, long and low and powerful, with six short claw-tipped legs and a pelt of thick black fur striped with red. Hrothgorn had never seen anything like it before, never heard the storytellers speak of it. He believed if he returned to his people with that pelt, the stories would be about him. He would be the greatest hunter in his alfrostun, and would feed before everyone but the Frostlord. That’s what he had thought as the beast bared its teeth at him, black eyes shining, then dived into a crevice between two great stones. Hrothgorn followed it, only to later realize the trap as he was enveloped by the Beastgrave, becoming the hunted instead of the hunter.[2] There was no true food to be found in its echoing caverns, only an endless purgatory of hunger and death. Once the hunter had spent his initial frustration upon scores of Beastgrave’s other victims, Hrothgorn set about finding a way out with his ragtag entourage always at his heels.[1]


Hrothgorn Mantrapper

Main article: Hrothgorn Mantrapper

Hrothgorn Mantrapper is the leader of his Mantrappers. A Beastclaw Raider of the Winterbite Alfrostun, Hrothgorn is a particularly foul-tempered and cruel Icebrow Hunter with a keen nose for fresh meat. He favours snaring his prey with a crossbow-launched mantrap that shatters bones with its iron jaws.[5]


Main article: Bushwakka

Bushwakka is a skulking Gnoblar that accompanies Hrothgorn. At Hrothgorn’s command, the sneaky Bushwakka lays down a cleverly concealed mantrap.[4]

Luggit and Thwak

Main article: Luggit
Main article: Thwak

Luggit and Thwak are a pair of Gnoblars that accompany Hrothgorn. The pair believe that by stacking up together, they can add up to something more intimidating.[2]


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Quiv is the smallest of the Gnoblars that accompany Hrothgorn. He cunningly avoids being devoured by diligently carrying his master’s arrows into battle as well as collecting them.[4]


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For years, Hrothgorn has waged war with his faithful Frost Sabre companion, Thrafnir, at his side.[5] Its long life on the trail has weathered its hide and toughened its skin.[3a]



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