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Gluttons are Ogors that form the bulk of a Gutbusters warglutt's fighting forces. Each is a mountain of muscle and fat, immensely strong and formidably tough. Armed with crude but effective armaments that can cave in a Stormcast's helm with a single blow and a set of yellowed teeth that can chew through stone and metal and meaty fists that can snap spines and crush skulls to see a stampede of Gluttons is a truly terrifying sight that brings fear to even the bravest of soldiers, especially when they witness their comrades being torn apart and consumed before their eyes. While capable of reason, and even a certain low cunning, they are driven primarily by self-interest with concepts such as honour and loyalty being completely alien to them.[1a]

The greatest warrior of each pack of is granted the title of Crusher who are able to swing their immense war clubs with startling ease, pulverising enemy soldiers by the dozen. Bellowers are the loudest ogors in a pack, continuously roaring out challenges, oaths and crude songs in the midst of battle. They are also accompanied by Gnoblars who act as lookouts or, if food proves particularly scarce, light snacks.[1a]


Ogor Gluttons are often armed with a pair of or a combination of giant Clubs and Blades while some may instead carry an Ironfist to bat aside an opponent's attacks before punching them in the face. Standard Bearers instead carry either a Beast Skull or Tribal Banner.


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