Skolwyr Alfrostun

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The Skolwyr Alfrostun is a migrating tribe of Beastclaw Raiders that can often be found ranging across the Aqshy.[1a]


The Ogors of the Skolwyr Alfrostun can often be found travelling in search of food and trying to stay ahead of the Everwinters that follow in their wake. In their travels, they have formed a unique accord with the peoples of Aqshy, who the Ogors well know value ice and water above even gold. So in exchange for tribute in the form of food, the Skolwyr allow water-harvesters to ride alongside them.[1a]


The Skolwyr refuse to engage in trade, as they find the concept demeaning, and instead will allow outsiders and travellers to travel alongside them, so long as these outsiders keep the Ogors well-fed with tribute, preferably anything greasy, crunchy or salty, and can keep up with the ever-moving tribe. Those who can meet these demands are allowed to travel alongside the Alfrostun and gather as much ice as they can, often in the form of Everwinter Ice Shards.[1a]

Those who merchants who are unable to feed their Ogor companions, or get lost in the Everwinter and freeze, will be consumed by the Skolwyr. To mitigate the chance of falling to this fate, most visiting merchants choose to ride alongside small bands of the tribe's outriders.[1a]


The Skolwyr will often goad their visitors into trying to tame the Wild Mournfangs that travel in the wake of their tribe, as the results are always hilarious to behold.[1a]


  • Ulfjarl Roadeater: An Ogress who leads a pack of Mournfang riders. She is often the first of the Skolwyr Alkfrostun encountered by those merchants and traders who come to the Skolwyr to pay tribute.[1a]