Maneater Mercenary

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This article is about the unit. For the faction, see Maneaters.
A Maneater Mercenary.

Maneater Mercenaries are Maneater Ogors who wander the realms, alone or in a warband, to sell their services as mercenaries for food, usually their victims, the sport of war and shiny trinkets.[2]

Combat Styles

Dye to a mercenaries vast experience in combat, many of them have developed their own unique combat styles, like being expectional good brawlers, crack shots, striding across the battlefield or being exceptionally stubborn.[1a][1b]


These mercenaries go to battle armed with a huge variety of esoteric weaponry they have obtained from their travels across distant lands. This can be exotic Slicers and Bashers they use to carve up their foes in melee combat or giant Throwing Stars and Ogor Pistols in ranged combat.[1a][1b]




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