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An Ogor Tyrant.

Tyrants are the leaders of Gutbuster Warglutts and are often the biggest and strongest Ogor in it. They lead the war parties of the Gutbusters in their ceaseless search for food which is a duty of highest importance as the ogors not only require an enormous amount of sustenance but also because they treat feasting as a sacred offering to the Great Beast that Consumes the Realms, the ogors’ interpretation of Gorkamorka. Those failing to provide a sufficient supply of food meet an abrupt and violent end. Leadership disputes are solved through traditional, one-on-one combat where two Ogors fight without their belly-plates in front of an audience which ends in the victor consuming the defeated. Disembowelling is considered a particularly humiliating form of death among the warglutts, for as the old saying goes, ‘Him that’s got no guts can’t hold onto his food’. [1a]

Many kingdoms and free cities seek to placate Tyrants with offerings of food and tribute but such truces last only as long as said city’s food stocks remain full as most cities are unable to keep up with the demands of hundreds of Ogors. Very few fortifications are robust enough to withstand an Ironblaster barrage and even if the city survives Ogors will consume every living thing in the immediate vicinity including crops, livestock and unfortunate villagers, rendering great stretches of land utterly uninhabitable.[1a]

The appetite of a Tyrant can have a drastic effect not only on their own Mawtribe but on the surrounding region as a whole and when they develop a taste for a single type of meat they will obsessively seek out this delicacy with single-minded determination. They also accumulate an extensive list of titles that honour their most infamously gluttonous acts alongside an honorific that they find particularly imposing or easy on the tongue, such as ‘Grand Headcrusher’, ‘Emperor’ or ‘the Imprudent’ often with no idea what their chosen name actually means.[1a]


A Tyrant has first pick of the spoils of war and are finely outfitted and well-equipped, with the thickest gut-plate, the cruellest weapons and the largest rolls of belly fat. Many Tyrants choose to carry a bonecrushing thundermace that can tenderise and pulp their intended meal without spoiling the meat while others carry a beastskewer glaive, a great polearm with a heavy blade on the end used deliver the killing blow to enormous monsters and other potential meals. In addition to this Tyrants also carry Ogor pistols for ranged firepower.[1a][2]


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