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The Mournfang Pack is the vanguard of the Beastclaw Raiders. Tons of slab-muscled brute combined with bellicose beast, anything that finds itself in the path of this heaviest of cavalry is soon trampled and reduced to an unrecognisable smear.[1a]

Mournfangs roam the barren snowy wastes in fearsome hunting groups. The beasts' natural belligerence stems from their famously poor eyesight. As its tusks lengthen, a Mournfang's vision worsens, until much of the world is obscured by the bony protrusions. Not only does this infuriate the creatures, it also means that Mournfang Packs are almost unstoppable battering rams when on the charge.[1a]

Mournfang riders see themselves as a warrior elite. Riding alongside Frostlords and Huskards, they mock the ground-bound Ironguts trudging along behind. This boastfulness is understandable, considering how dangerous it is to claim such a position. Most ogors who try to tame a Mournfang are brutally gored by the beast's immense horns and subsequently devoured; however, those who are successful often form surprisingly close bonds with their beasts. Mournfangs are hardy creatures capable of surviving weeks without food, and only the most grievous wounds will put a stop to their rampages. Ogors respect the Mournfangs greatly for these qualities, and may even feel a brief twinge of regret if forced to eat them.[1a]

Most Mournfang mounts originate from the whelping pits. Having sent out Icebrow Hunters to capture young pups, the ogors dig a deep fighting pit lined with stakes. Into this hole will be thrown the pups, pleading captives, bloody meat and the occasional screaming Gnoblar. The Mournfang young are then left to fend for themselves as the tribe migrates onwards along the Mawpath, with many ogors placing wagers upon which of the runts will prosper. When the tribe returns, they will find a few hulking Mournfangs that have grown strong from consuming their rivals. These creatures will remember the ogors, and it is this familiarity that makes them slightly more amenable to accepting riders. Of course, often the Mournfangs will simply turn upon their tormentors. Ogors consider this entirely fair; after all, those devoured by the frenzied creatures would have had no business riding one into battle.[1a]


Except the main Ogors the unit can have a Horn Blower and Banner Bearer. The leader of the Mournfang Pack is called Scalg.[1b]


The Ogors of Mournfang Pack are armed with iron fists and cullin club or massive gargant hackers. Skalg can be armed with prey hacker and Ironlock Pistol. The Mournfangs themselves fight with their tusks.[1b]



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