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Icon of the Winterbite.

The Winterbite Mawtribe is an Ogor Mawtribe dominated by Beastclaw Raiders. [1]

From within a shroud of blinding snow, they embrace the unrelenting fury of the Everwinter to cloak them as they conduct ambushes instead of overwhelming their prey as many other ogors would do. Their Frost Sabres and Icefall Yhetees are known to be especially deadly. [1]


The Mawtribe call down a ice storm that smothers the famous fire wall that guards the city of Izalend and then sweep down into the city harbour riding icebergs, they grab thousands of citizens and soldiers before returning to the ice. It is thought that many more Ogors may still lurk in the ice floes that can be found in the area. [2a]

Tribes of Winterbite

Artenfacts of Power


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