Firebelly Shaman

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This article is about the unit. For the faction, see Firebellies.
A Firebelly Shaman.

Firebelly Shamans are Firebelly Ogors who worship the Sun-Eater, an aspect of Gorkamorka, as well as ash, volcanoes, flames and magma.[2]


These wizards consume burning combustibles no matter how spicy or deadly they are, like aqshyan flint, a salamander's heart and other fiery morsels, through sorcerous ritual. This is to stoke the flames within their gut and honour their god by belching fire on their foes.[1b][2][3]

Firebellies are wizards that besides Lore of the Sun-Eater also know the Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Cascading Fire-Cloak spell.[1a][1b][2][3]


These shamans go to battle armed with Basalt Hammers. They also carry fiery morsel that they can consume to immediatly belch, breath out, or spit gouts and torrents of fire onto their foes[1a][1b]




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